Introduction to Meditation

Introductory Meditation Class to Find Truth Within

This is an introduction to a method of meditation that allows you to find Truth within by uncluttering your mind. You will meet an experienced meditation guide who will explain the principles and process of this meditation. Then we will guide you through the process and be there for you to help you overcome any obstacles. We will help you make a plan according to what it is you’d like to achieve through meditation.

Throughout our lives, we have stored pictures of our experiences in our minds. The way we experience the world is not determined by what is actually happening, but by the way we perceive it. Our perception is determined by pictures that we hold in our minds.
This meditation process allows us to break the hold these pictures have on us and find real freedom.

When we meditate, stress and anxiety disappear, relationships improve. You will feel joyful and vibrant. Your face glows because your body becomes healthier. There is no better time to start this journey of self-discovery.

Personalized one-on-one introduction class
Schedule your one-on-one classes directly with the instructor to create your personalized meditation program

Are you curious
How meditation can help you
to overcome your obstacles?
to solve your problems?
to find your inner peace?
to get rid of stress and anxiety?
to become happy and fulfilled?
to become who you want to be?
to have a better relationship with others?
to achieve all that you wish for?
to get rid of mind clutter and live in the present moment?
to become a Complete Person and live forever?​
to find the answer to all your questions?

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Due to the COVID situation, both the introduction and the guided meditation sessions are offered online via Zoom video conferencing service. After booking, you will receive a confirmation email and the Zoom link. See you soon!