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Meditation Effect

You can get rid of insomnia by emptying and throwing that mind away

Why can't I just fall asleep?
I barely fell asleep, and wake up dozens of times during the night.
I'm constantly confronted with thousands of thoughts and worries in my mind and I can't fall asleep. 

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The cause is; tens of thousands delusional thoughts

Everyone has had this experience at least once. When I lie down in bed to sleep, many thoughts run through my head and I wake up with my eyes open. Everyone has good memories, bad memories and tens of thousands of thoughts from life's memories. They become a photographic film like a tape in a movie and float around in my head. What's more, bad memories, worries and anxieties are very deeply rooted. These various worries, concerns, anxieties and thoughts become stress and become the biggest factor of insomnia, which interferes with my deep sleep.


I have many thoughts

Thoughts that I've made in my life

Subtraction meditation fundamentally solves the cause of the tens of thousands of obsessive thoughts

Find the cause of insomnia. Learn how to find and eliminate the psychological factors that keep you from falling asleep, such as unexplained anxiety, worry and stress.

Throw out the inner mind, the root cause. When I look back on my life, I relax my body and mind by emptying the many minds, such as obsessive thoughts and emotions from my subconscious.

STEP 3. Insomnia disappears
Anxiety and worry will disappear, and you'll be able to sleep soundly with the most comfortable mind.


If you empty your inner mind through subtraction meditation

you will be freed from the thoughts that keep coming into your mind

Now I can sleep well

Meditation Effects

  • At some point, you'll find yourself sleeping peacefully.

  • The quality of your sleep is improved and you can lead an active life.

  • Frequent stress disappears completely.

  • The efficiency of daily work is improved.

  • Instead of comparing yourself to others, you see yourself as you are.

  • Your mind becomes true, allowing you to think from the viewpoint of others.