The Universe is within you and the true world is within you.

But man has his own mind world that he created, which consists of Karma, Habits, and Body.  Karma is remembered thoughts of one’s life. 

Habits and Body are both inherited from one’s ancestors. 

All tens of thousands of thoughts come from this mind world and they are stress and pain.

Because man lives in his own mind world, not in the true world, the Universe, that is Truth, cannot be seen or known by man.  This is why man is incomplete.

One must have truth within in order to live truly.  This cleansing mind method is the key to finding the Universe that already exists within.

athens meditation method

​Cleansing Karma (7 step program)

     Level 1-  Cleansing remembered thoughts 

     Level 2-  Cleansing image of relationships and myself

     Level 3-  Cleansing body

     Level 4-  Cleansing body and the universe

     Level 5-  Cleansing body and the universe

     Level 6-  Cleansing me who has all minds

     Level 7-  Cleansing me who has mind world   

                    Cleansing me who has negativity 

                    Cleansing me who has all thoughts

     Cleansing Habits and Body (after 7 step)

each level entails 3 components

온라인 명상

1. recall

Recall all the remembered thoughts and 

images in my mind