Gaining A New Perspective During The Pandemic

Updated: Oct 1

At These Times Of Uncertainty, We Have To Be Aware Of What We Need To Accept, And What Can Change For The Better. Learn About Coping Strategies That Will Bring Positive Changes.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has rapidly affected our day to day lives in many aspects. Thousands of peoples are getting sick and/or dying due to the spread of this disease. We need to take extra precautions such as extensive hygiene protocol, social distancing, and wearing masks. The new protocols and restrictions are slowing down the global economy and are putting individuals in a battle with these unknown threats.

At these times of uncertainty, we have to be aware of what we need to accept, and what can change for the better. As the famous writer Paulo Coelho said, you have two choices, to control your mind, or to let your mind control you. People who take a proactive action to stay resilient from the current changes will stay calm and positive with what they are doing. As a strong believer that meditation is a great tool to teach your mind how to navigate your life, I would like to share with you a new perspective in this Covid-19 era, and these coping strategies will bring positive changes when you begin to practice them on a daily basis.

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