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Now that I have arrived home (True Universe Mind), I have reached Human Completion. The world is perfect. I am at peace and I feel safe. It is beyond words how good it is to live a life without stress and worries, without pain and sufferings. And nothing can make me give up my Eternal Life and Happiness, not for all the money and riches of this world.


Melanie C. / Tourism degree - Switzerland

I found what I was looking for

This meditation is the best gift you can give to yourself. Now, I know for sure that I will never, ever be depressed again, not even slightly, because I was able to throw all the causes of my burden away. Everyone should do this meditation, because everyone deserves to be happy. Just book it and do it, don’t wait any longer!

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Tuyet D. / N. Jersey
Executive VP @ M.P.A.

Changed my entire life

I was able to get over my traumatic experiences of my past, conquer my phobias, and be free from the health conditions that have been following me all my life. Many people tell me that I have changed a lot and I look brighter and younger.


​Elda /  Profesor


​Hjörtur /  Web developer & CEO


Natalie / Student
Main Line PA

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David  - Engineer
Auckland NZ


Tamara - Registered Nurse
Los Angeles


Auckland NZ


Alice  - Business Woman
Perth Australia

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Daniel  - Business Owner
Perth Australia


Victoria - Atlanta

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Mariam Ejaz - Doctor

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Jan / Doctor 


I feel wonderful that I have thrown away the false images in my mind and gained peace of mind. The worry and anxiety are gone and I feel happy.

I have also come to realize what the meaning and purpose of life is. I am still me, but the real me. I am very grateful for the meditation and sincerely recommend it to everyone.

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​Mabel / Social Educator

Improved My Life

Through this meditation, I learned to reflect on myself from a new perspective. Everything suddenly became so clear to me. I learned to become free from past events. I gained true freedom and an awareness beyond myself.